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Potty Training

Noah’s Ark Day Care offers two potty training rooms, Potty Training 1 & Potty Training 2.

Potty Training (PT)

Ages: 24 months


Noah’s Ark Day Care offers potty training classes starting at 24 months. Our goal is to train completely before moving into the next level of preschool. In PT we will work on the following with your child:

  • Uses words to express wants
  • Names 10-15 objects
  • Uses pronouns “me” and “my”
  • Names 3 familiar pictures in a book
  • Recognizes named body parts by pointing
  • Speaks in two or three word sentences
  • Complies with simple commands
  • Listens with interest to short rhymes
  • Matches and compares familiar objects
  • Counts to two
  • Shows affection
  • Occupies self
  • Explores and investigates surroundings
  • Walks backward
  • Climbs obstacles
  • Walks up steps with help of a wall
  • Kicks ball forward
  • Throws ball aimlessly
  • Runs
  • Stacks blocks
  • Removes covers from objects
  • Disassembles simple objects
  • Drinks from cup unassisted
  • Removes simple garment
  • Uses spoon
  • Completes simple puzzles
  • Shows pride in toilet achievement
Daily Schedule:

In addition to potty training, the PT class provides daily educational activities. You will be advised as to what supplies are needed and are asked to work on potty training with your child at home as well. Working together with consistency will provide positive results. Be patient! Potty training takes time. Your child is considered “potty trained” if he or she can go three consecutive weeks with zero or one accident. Nap time accidents are not considered.

Your child will learn so many new things. Each day, lesson time is devoted to one or two specific areas. These are: letters, numbers 1-10, names of days of the week, colors, shapes, Bible stories and even science, thanks to the Ranger Rick series “Your Big Backyard”. Once a week is review day to reaffirm the information learned throughout the week. You will receive a report each day to let you know what they did that day and how their day went.