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Noah’s Ark Day Care offers three preschool rooms, Early Preschoolers, Preschool Threes & Pre-K Fours.

Early Preschoolers (EP)

Ages: Two and three years


Promotion to the EP class means your child is near or completely through the potty training process. Your child will stay in EP until the end of the school year based on the Missouri cut-off dates. Your child will progress through the rest of preschool in accordance with the Missouri State school schedule.

Daily Schedule:

Each week in EP your child will learn their letters, colors, numbers and shapes using flashcards and other creative learning games. They will also learn about art, the Bible, nature, home living, blocks and music using the ABeka Curriculum.

Preschool Threes

Ages: Three years to four years


Your child will stay in Threes until the end of the school year when we “promote” our three- and four-year old classes. This is different than the younger classes at Noah’s Ark which are promoted based on achievement of milestones. By keeping the children in a more school-like setting we are able to ease the children into the days ahead at Kindergarten. We are also able to teach more effectively using lessons which build upon each other every week. Your child will stay in the same class for a full school year.

We use the ABeka Curriculum at Noah’s Ark. Your child will go through the Preschool curriculum for threes which includes specific goals for him or her to accomplish. Your child will develop language, reading, writing, and math skills appropriate to his or her stage of development. During class time, we will also focus on prayer, pledges to the Christian and American flags, songs, and Bible stories.

Daily Schedule:

Your child will have lessons including letters, numbers and basic concepts. The class uses manipulative toys such as Legos, Lincoln logs, beads and potato heads to strengthen motor skills.

Pre-K Fours

Ages: Four years to five years


Noah’s Ark Day Care uses the ABeka Curriculum. The scope and sequence sets goals in phonics, writing and numbers for every six weeks.

At class opening, your child will say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Christian and American flags. They will study their Bible stories and verses. Children will also say a prayer and sing lots of songs!

Each day after opening, class will move on to phonics, numbers and writing. They use manipulative toys such as puzzles, finger play, coloring, sewing, cards and stringing beads.

With ABeka Learn flashcards, Pre-K Fours learn about shapes, colors, health, safety and manners. There are also classes in art and science. Art class will include projects that will be sent home. Science class will focus on learning about animals and weather.

Pre-K Four is a year-long class to prepare for Kindergarten. This means that your child will stay in the same class for a “school year”. This enables lessons that build upon each other every week. Pre-K Fours graduate in May each year with a celebration and special ceremony in the afternoon. You will get information on your child’s graduation ceremony as the date approaches.