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Noah’s Ark Day Care offers two toddler rooms, Toddler 1 & Toddler 2.

Toddler 1

Ages: 12 months – 18 months


Once your child has accomplished the milestones for Nursery 2, we will work with your child in Toddler 1 to accomplish these milestones:

  • Cooperates in playing pat-a-cake
  • Walks holding on to furniture
  • Stands alone for one minute
  • Looks at pictures in baby picture book


  • Walks alone, toddling
  • Uses pincer grasp, as in picking up raisins
  • Indicates or gestures wants without crying
  • Initiates words (record which words are used)
  • Scribbles/draws a line
  • Finds hidden object
  • Drinks from cup

Toddler 2

Ages: 18 months – 24 months


The toddlers in the Toddler 2 class have accomplished the milestones in Toddler 1. We will work with your child on the following milestones:

  • Turns page of a book
  • Ten words
  • Says own name
  • Exploratory play by self
  • Seats self in child-size chair
  • Moves to music
  • Walks up steps
  • Stacks blocks, four high
  • Uses a spoon
  • Paints with whole arm movement, shifts hands and makes strokes